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All films are with english subtitles!

Our films are made without any public funding. 

This ensures that we can work independently and are not beholden to anyone in terms of content. 

We think that this is of worthy value – especially now, when we have the impression that critical voices hardly have a chance to be heard in public. 

We are convinced that a broad discourse in which all voices have their say is a necessary prerequisite for mastering this crisis well and reducing the threat of collateral damage.

This also means that we are dependent on private donations, which is why we founded the NGO "Zukunft Kinderrechte" - Future for Children's Rights Association.

You can support our current project and future projects here – even a small amount will help us to maintain our work:


Please send donations to the NGO "Verein Zukunft Kinderrechte" -Future for Children's Rights Association


Zukunft Kinderrechte,

Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG

IBAN: AT062011184463308000



or via PAYPAL (it's also possible to donate without an account - e.g. creditcard)


Many thanks!

Patricia Marchart and Bernadette Stummer

For any questions, please contact:

Patricia Marchart:

Bernadette Stummer:


We would like to thank all our supporters!