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"I think that science is like swimming in an ocean, it is swimming in an ocean at night, so it is dangerous but at the same time it is extremely enjoyable. For someone who has been swimming in Greece at night, this is probably one of the best experiences that you can have. The least thing that you can imagine is that you might drown one day or there are maybe sharks around ... but it is what it is ... and we have to learn being able to swim in that ocean."

John Ioannidis

OUT TO SEE - The Film

75 Minutes

There are a lot of frightening developments in the world, but I want to take a step back and think positive, think about the good things in our world.

Think about the good things, about what we can achieve, about the younger generations, about our future, about our dreams, about our creativity, about how much we can do, how much we can change our world for the better.

There are threats all over the place. Of course, we have climate change, we have war, we have pandemics, we have disease, we have inequalities, we have hunger, we have poverty, we have all sorts of things to worry about. 

But the worst thing would be to just keep threatening people, and putting that ghost of disaster that is coming to us.  Because if we do that, disaster will come to us sooner or later. And we will just create it with our own hands.


A Film with John Ioannidis from Patricia Marchart, Georg Sabransky & Despina Contopoulos-Ioannidis


Our films are about everything: About our children and their lives in the here and now and in the future; this film was made by people who take responsibility for it.

We are not beholden to anyone, no organization, no client, no media, no party – only to ourselves and our conscience.

This film was financed exclusively by donations.

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